– SIST – Slovenian Institute for Standardization

– ETSI – European Telecommunications Standards Institute

– Iskratel ltd,

Strategic partner:

– University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering

Principles of operation

– Not-for-profit
– Openness
– Neutrality
– Professionalism (of services)
– Sophisticated/Permanent infrastructure


The following sources of finance are envisaged

– Participants’ fees to cover costs
– Private & Public funding
– Sponsoring

Intellectual Property Rights

Disclaimer: The IPR for the test automation scripts’ implementation belongs to the SINTESIO, contributions to standards publicly available under ETSI IPR policies;

Confidentiality and rules of engagement

The organizer and the participants of the interoperability test events shall agree that they will NOT separately disclose, comment on, or otherwise characterize the results of the testing event, or the operation of any individual vendor’s equipment. The overall, general results will be fed back into the standards process. Specific test results that may significantly contribute to the standardization can be reported to standardization bodies, on the condition that the involved participant agrees to the publication. In such cases, the actual names or the relations to the participant involved in the generation of the results will be hidden in such specific reports.

Marketing or sales personnel and other observers are not allowed to be present during the testing.