Rights & Benefits

– For Research Institutions, Vendors, Operators, Service Providers, Application Providers and Content Providers:

– evidence relating to the Connectivity & Interoperability of a product/solution before placing it on the market (pilot or commercial delivery);

– increasing the interoperability of the solutions;

– facilitating market competitiveness;

– avoiding market fragmentation;

– For Standardization Bodies, Forums and Interested groups:

– to support the development of an important standard/specification;

– to provide feedback on the coherence and conformity of standardization documents;

– to support the timely completion of standards deliverables;

– For End Users:

– evidence of the Connectivity & Conformity (and Usability) of a product/solution before placing it on the market;

– to unblock the broad implementation and deployment of products, applications, and services;

– to enhance certainty;

– to ensure end-user involvements and provide end-users perspective on interoperability issues in early stages of service/application/product implementation and deployments