Interworking Tests Suites


The present Automated Test Suite provide Test Specifications for the interworking between Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and ISDN User Part (ISUP) for the Profile A and Profile B described in the ITU T Recommendation Q.1912.5 and EN 383 001.



Relavant Test Specifications related to the test suite are Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes (TSS&TP), Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS), Abstract Test Suite (ATS) and partial Protocol Implementation eXtra Information for Testing (PIXIT) developed by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).


Test SuiteTSS/TP standardPICS standardATS standard
Profile A and B
ETSI TS 186 002-2ETSI TS 186 002-1ETSI TS 186 002-4
Profile C
ETSI TS 186 002-3ETSI TS 186 002-1ETSI TS 186 002-5
SIP-ISUP Profile C
ETSI TS 102 709-2ETSI TS 102 709-1ETSI TS 102 709-3


What is needed

Test packet items:

-       TSS/TP document

-       PICS document

-       ATS document and TTCN3 code pack

-       Test Adapter with Codec/Decodec

-       IP<->ISUP/E1 signaling converter


Test suite consists from the TSS/TP document where Test Purposes are written on bases of standardised documents. Those standardised documents are published by European or worldwide institutions like ETSI, ITU,… Test Purposes are developed in TTCN3 notation and generated within Abstract Test Suite(ATS). ATS is developed by standardisation institution and maintained and supported by SINTESIO. Set of PIXITS parameters have to be set up with appropriate requested valuses.. ATS with all modules and set of PIXITs together with Test Adapter(TA) and signaling converter is needed for automatic execution of Test Purposes. Solution for IP <-> ISUP/E1 signaling converter and Test Adapter is developed by SINTESIO team.