Test standards Development & Validation

In cooperation with Standards Delivery Organizations (SDO), Regulatory Bodies, Telecom equipment vendors and operators, Sintesio has been contributing to the development and validation of number of testing  standards in Telecom and Broadcasting domains. Sintesio experts are continuously involved in ETSI STF since 2007, mainly in the development of Conformance, Interworking and Interoperability testing standards for PSTN, NGN, IMS and 3GPP domains.  Check our standards development references.

Sintesio is providing Conformance, Interworking and Interoperability testing services for Telecom equipment vendors, System integrators and Telecom operators. Relying on ETSI test standards for PSTN, TISPAN, IMS, 3GPP and IPv6, and using TTCN-3 Testing tools and Executable Test Suites, the test execution and production of the test reports are highly automatized. The Conformance and/or Interoperability testing of the System Under Test (SUT) can be performed On-site, at Customer’s SUT premise, or Off-site via VPN connection between Sintesio lab and SUT premise, using testing facilities of the Sintesio’s test lab. On request, our expert can provide executable test suites developed and tailored to the Customer’s specific testing needs. Check our customer reference list.

In cooperation with Sintesio’s members and partners,  we are providing the Conformance testing of the DVB-T/T2 receivers (set-top-boxes, media centers, TV sets).

“The Participants have scored “Operator Support” as the best ever for an OMA TestFest. Your preparation and dedication to this TestFest has been rewarding by the participants! Well done!”

Joaquin Prado, OMA TestFest Manager

Sintesio set up the interoperability test lab, located in Kranj, Slovenia, with the purpose to test and validate interoperability of multi-vendor ICT products, as well as to validate the quality of open ICT standards. The test lab provides a professional, industry grade test bed facility, with the set-up and capacity  to host multiple vendors in the laboratory test environment.

In cooperation with ETSI and Industry forums, i.e. OMA, MSF and GSMA, Sintesio has been hosting major global Interoperability events in the Telecom domain, such as OMA Testfest, IMS Plugtest and RCS/VoLTE IOT interoperability events.

Interoperability Testing Trainings

 Sintesio can provide generic training on conformance and interoperability testing, tailored to the specific Customer’s requirements, or a very detailed TTCN-3 training.  We would gladly discuss with you any of your testing training requirements.

Other Electronic Communications Services

In cooperation with Sintesio member’s organization and partners, Sintesio can offer a variety of other consulting services for different domains of Eelectronic Communicaton Networks and Services. An increased demaind of the consultation and development services has resulted in the higher engagement of various and diverse resources, in terms of required competences, testing equipment and laboratories, software development skills. To fullfill all these requirements, Sintesio has adopted its processes in accordance to Open Innovation Paradigm. The central idea behind open innovation is that in a world of widely distributed knowledge, companies cannot afford to rely entirely on their own research and resources, but should instead buy or license services, processes or products from other companies. As such, Sintesio has build a network of competent partners, that complementary competence areas, e.g. :

– In the area of Digital Broadcasting services;

– In the area of Mobile and Broadband services, and software development;

– In the area of calibration, EMC testing, certification, type approval testing and international certification laboratory accreditations;

– In the area of certification testing of Digital Broadcasting receivers by providing the testing environment, tools and services;

Several individual experts can provide expertise in the area of narrowband and broadband communications, test tools developments, training and telecommunication consultation services.

With the network of diverse consultants and firms, providing different competences and services, Sintesio is able to flexibly respond to different demands from the clients.