Sintesio is providing Conformance, Interworking and Interoperability testing services for Telecom equipment vendors, System integrators and Telecom operators. Relying on ETSI test standards for PSTN, TISPAN, IMS, 3GPP and IPv6, and using TTCN-3Testing tools and Executable Test Suites, the test execution and production of the test reports are highly automatized. The Conformance and/or Interoperability testing of the System Under Test (SUT) can be performed On-site, at Customer’s SUT premise, or Off-site via VPN connection between Sintesio lab and SUT premise, using testing facilities of the Sintesio’s test lab. On request, our expert can provide executable test suites developed and tailored to the Customer’s specific testing needs.

Testing services 3

– ON-SITE Testing:

  • Sintesio experts can provide testing services at Customer location, where the System Under Test is located. On-site testing  is particularly appropriate, when testing included testing of several  IP and non-IP interfaces, when a specific testing tools are required, or the SUT cannot be interconnected (for example, due to the security reasons, NDA, etc…).

– OFF-SITE Testing:

  • When the testing involves the conformance testing of an IP interface, with standard test suites, such as ETSI TISPAN, IPv6, IMS or 3GPP ATS, the testing can be perfomed remotely from the Sintesio premise, either using Sintesio TTCN-3 testign facility or the Customer test engine. Using VPN connection between Sintesio and Customer premise, the Customer can safe time and money for the testign services.

– Test Suite Maintenance:

  • SDO’s are providing Abstract Test Suites (ATS) as an open-source, which ofter are not bug free. Additional effort is required to adapt ATS for particular TTCN-3 Testing tool, e.g. by writting the test adapters and adapter client interfaces. The adaptation of the ATS to the particular test tools produces Executable Test Suites (ETS), which includes several test cases, that can be automatically executed and provide the automatic verdict and test report generation. During the test execution, errors and bugs in TTCN-3 ATS and in test adapter can result in non-executable ETSs. Sintesio provided the maintenance and support during the test execution, and adaptation of standardized ATS to the specific customer requirements.

– Test Suites Development:

  • In case, the standardized ATS does not exists for the specific test requirements, Sintesio experts can develop ATS according to the specific customer’s requirements or make an adaptation of the standardized ATS.

– Consulting & Training:

  • Fell free to contact us, if you have a specific testing need. We would gladly discuss your requirements and provide you the solution to the testign needs. Our experts have in-depth expertise mainly on the conformance, interworking and interoperability for PSTN/NGN, NGN/IMS and 3GPP domains.

In cooperation with Sintesio’s members and partners,  we are providing the Conformance testing of the DVB-T/T2 receivers (set-top-boxes, media centers, TV sets).

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