Interoperability Events Organization & Hosting

“The Participants have scored “Operator Support” as the best ever for an OMA TestFest. Your preparation and dedication to this TestFest has been rewarding by the participants! Well done!”

Joaquin Prado, OMA TestFest Manager

Sintesio set up the interoperability test lab, located in Kranj, Slovenia, with the purpose to test and validate interoperability of multi-vendor ICT products, as well as to validate the quality of open ICT standards. The test lab provides a professional, industry grade test bed facility, with the set-up and capacity  to host multiple vendors in the laboratory test environment.

In cooperation with ETSI and Industry forums, i.e. OMA, MSF and GSMA, Sintesio has been hosting major global Interoperability events in the Telecom domain, such as OMA TestfestIMS Plugtest and RCS/VoLTE IOT interoperability events.

Venue Details

SINTESIO Laboratory
Primary contact:Mr. Roman Kužnar, director of Sintesio foundation, Ljubljanska 24a, SI-4000 Kranj, Slovenia
T. :+386 4 207 3393 ; FAX : +386 4 2331 810

Logistics and Tehnical Contacts:Mr. Boštjan Pintar, Sintesio foundation, Ljubljanska 24a, SI-4000 Kranj, Slovenia
T : +386 4 207 21 83


Venue Location

Ljubljanska 24a, Kranj, Slovenia

Kranj is the fourth biggest city in Slovenia and represents an important economic, cultural and sports centre of Gorenjska. It is a modern town with different faces, where the old is gently intertwined with the new; and where a harmony of images is achieved. Offering a cultural, historical, natural and technical heritage as well as pleasant atmosphere of a small town, Kranj is definitely worth a visit.

 Moderate continental climate is characterized by warm summers and cold winters. An average temperature is 9,2 ºC. The highest temperatures rich to approximately 29 ºC in July, whereas the lowest temperatures are in January, around -1 ºC. Temperature differences between day and night can vary widely. The winds from the west and southwest bring quite a few rainfalls, which are fairly well distributed throughout the year. An average annual precipitation is 1352 mm.

 For more information, please visit the official web page:

Venue Description

The venue is located within the physically secured area of Technology Park. Secure access to the venue is provided 24h/day. Access to the event test area will be allowed only to organizers, registered participants, registered guests and event supporting personnel.

Test area consists of:

– Test/meeting test rooms,  fully furnished with ESD work tables, with 230V AC/48 DC (optional),  pre-wired IP networking;

– Air-conditioned Server room with dedicated event IP network equipment, Equipment racks, power supply, patch pannels;

– Warehouse (equipment store);

– Office with printing, computers, telephones, etc…

Beverages & snack wending machines are provided in the lobby. Restaurant with daily lunch menus and »a la cart« is located in the building at the opposite side (approx. 80m walking & sciro distance). Additional class rooms can be provided next to the test area.

Venue Facilities

To achieve the most appropriate environment for NGN, IMS and 3GPP testing, as shown in Figure bellow, the following infrastructure is today available: wired IPv4 or/and IPv6 and wireless (Wi-Fi, Wi-Max) LAN network, high-speed Internet access and VPN (L2TPv3, IPSEC) connectivity to other remote test labs and other servers for the purpose of the testing, industrial grade applications server farm,  internal PSTN infrastructure including POTS and ISDN coverage, access to commercial GSM/UMTS and PSTN network, as well as access and service support of the commercial Mobile Service Plane (WAP, SMSC, MSC) and the national operator’s Core IMS network.

 Sintesio test network

An example of the dedicated test configuration for a specific interop event, e.g. RCS/VoLTE’12 IOT, is given bellow:

RCS VoLTE IP 2012 Dedicated IP test network